Sports fans and lovers have quite several sporting casino games that they can participate in, in terms of sports betting. There are many of these games that are readily available at different physical casino outlets, whereas others are available if you play casinos online. For example, the fans who are specifically sports-centric can therefore enjoy gambling at the different video slots that can be found. There are several different options for sports betting, that come with combinations that make it so easy to play and earn real money. Discussed herein are some of the top options that you can choose from if you are a sports fan looking for casino gaming options.

1. The Football Star Casino Game

The Football Star makes for one of the top pokies of online casinos that are specifically themed around sports gaming actions. The gameplay for this particular casino sports game is very thorough and well thought out from the very characters to the referees that appear on the screen whenever games are being played. You can make bets on different interfaces including 5 reels and over 3 rows; together with 243 different ways of playing and winning. Also important to take note of is the fact that there are a lot of wilds that make it very easy for you as the gambler to be able to increase your chances of winning; by boosting the winnings and improving the overall bankroll.

2. Hockey Hero

The Hockey Hero is one of the most popular virtual casino games for sports, which has a current standing at an RTP of 96.53%. While playing this casino game, you can be able to go for the option of the Golden Hockey Trophy which will bring with it quite a several opportunities for making real money. Because of this, it is very attractive to its players, because it comes with increased chances of being able to win. There are very amazing visuals that are inspired by Ice Hockey, thereby making it very interesting to play. It is also very easy to navigate through the pokies to get great odds for playing as well as bonuses.

3. Cricket Star

The Cricket Star has impressive graphics that are sports-themed on cricket, which is quite a popular sport that is loved by its fans. This casino game has a very high RTP that is very favourable to its players and therefore increases their chances of winning to a greater extent. If you are a lover of the cricket game, then you will most definitely enjoy this particular casino game, since it comes with great visuals that will take your gaming experience to the next level. An incentive about this casino game is the fact that it comes with a bonus round that makes it very easy for its players to have better and many improved odds of winning lots of money. Also, depending on the specific casino in which you get to play, you will have an experience of massive welcoming bonuses that will also get to increase the chances of winning.

4. Rocky Casino Game

This particular casino game is solely based on the theme of boxing. You as the player, therefore, get an opportunity to play by betting on making a defeat to your opponents as the main character of the game gets to fight them in the ring for boxing. The main target and aim of the game are basically to be able to have the opposition knocked out, in a bid to be able to win great prizes. This casino sports game is very unique since it is one of the greatest casino games that is web-based and comes with a boxing theme. Many players who get to play this game have a chance of enjoying quite several consecutive wins that they tend to get from making several rounds of free spins.

5. Rugby Star

This casino game is a sport that is specifically meant for any players who are interested in making bets on video slots. Any player who is a rugby fan will truly enjoy this one since it comes with a video slot game that has great visuals that portray the sport of rugby. This sporting game was developed by Microgaming, which is by far one of the greatest casino gaming companies around. It has an RTP of about 96% to about 97%; which is a reflection of the fact that there are quite several players who make great odds on the video slot section of the game. Players are very likely to get high chances of winning, especially because of the very many bonuses and free spins that are readily available on it.

6. The Scudamore’s Super Stakes 

The Scudamore’s Super Stakes is one of the top casino sports pokies that comes with a theme that is centred around horse racing. This, therefore, means that if you are a great fan of horse racing, and are into betting, then you can very well have an opportunity of betting great odds. This game is mainly based on the jockey Peter Scudamore’s horse; and comes with racing graphics that are virtual, quite entertaining and top-notch. You play the game by simply placing a bet on the horse that you think will end up winning, for a chance to be able to win great prizes with every spin made.

7. The Basketball Star 

If you are a true fan of the basketball sporting action, then you have not been left out. This sports casino game from the Microgaming game developer comes with great graphics that will keep you entertained throughout the game. It comes with a 5-reel game spin that enables you to play for the chance of winning greatly. There is a continual sound of a cheering crowd while playing, which will not only keep you entertained but will also give you the psyche you require to make great winnings.

8. The Golden Tour

The Golden Tour Sports Casino Game is very ideal for all golf players that also have a thing for the gaming action of casinos. This is because it comes with a golfing theme that is specially designed by the Playtech developer of games. You are therefore able to enjoy winning while playing, especially using the wild symbol that can be used to increase the odds of winning. This casino game is easily available specifically in online gaming casinos that are of good reputation. Because of this, the players can be guaranteed utmost safety, even as they enjoy the gaming action.

9. Golden Games

The Golden Games comes with amazing sports gaming actions for online players with perfect odds that make it very easy to be able to play and win. This game is available in most renowned casinos and is developed by the NextGen gaming providers. Many players enjoy the sporting action here, especially because of the bonuses that are offered, which make it easy for winnings to take place. Also, the players can take advantage of the free spins that make go a long way in helping the players to earn the different medals that are offered by the game.