A consistently profitable betting system is an absolute rarity when it comes to horse racing. However, there is one betting system that has stood the test of time, and it is nothing more than a simple question: did the horse win in the past four days.

Even though many trainers are shrewd people and know their stuff thoroughly, it has been proven that if a horse has entered several races, or at any rate more than once, that horse is in good racing trim within four days and given a fair chance that on the day he will win again.

Therefore, check every race on any given day for all the horses that won the last timeout that has run in the last four days. Do not assume five days is okay because long experience has shown that it is not. Do not deviate: the norm is four days or less. If there is more than one horse in the category, then check from previous racing pages. Check the distance he won at as well and the going. If the company was no less illustrious and the distance is not significantly greater, and if the going is not worse on the day of the bet than last time, then bet on that horse. If a person is going to follow a winning betting system, then you need to do a significant amount of research and investigation if you are going to succeed with any consistency. Merely looking at a paper and picking a horse will hit you only slightly better than average.

Betting System Using The Paper

Depend on reliable newspapers. Try to find a paper that has a good reputation with giving news. Don’t read the papers that are known for spreading fake news. First of all, you wouldn’t have time, and secondly, they are mostly rubbish. After deciding on the paper, carefully observe the racing pages, both yesterday’s results and today’s details about the runners, riders and meetings. There will generally be a small legend placed somewhere at the bottom of the page that tells you what they mean if you fail to understand all the letters and figures. These symbols are the main focus of the betting system.

If the number closest to the horse’s and jockey’s name is 1, it means that he won last time out. After that look at the letter in brackets that is either immediately below or immediately below the title of the race. A to F in the alphabet is used to depict them, which tells you the class of the horses racing. A is used to depict the best forces and F is for the horses that will most likely not win at all. If the chosen horse won in a field of D class racers the previous time and this race is an A-class race, it is a risky bet. But if it is an F class race, then you are comparatively safer.