People looking to make money from their knowledge of football through a bookmaker will often use a bit of research and instincts as the basis for making decisions on bets. However, even while being equipped with a profound knowledge of the sport, they may still find themselves without an adequate system or football betting strategy. Despite being confident in your own ability to make the right calls, as with all things, they may not always pan out as predicted in football and sports in general. This is why bettors need to have a strategy that they can stick to: it helps identify and nullify the potential of abnormal results that may affect their bankroll.

Here are two betting systems in football to give more food for thought for sports bettors who follow the game, and help you decide on the overall betting strategy on the sport. There are two sections here, both of which either guarantee you a win or have a good chance of making regular profits.

Matched Betting

The number one betting strategy that can virtually help you win almost every bet is matched betting. Unlike a few other methods of football betting, matched betting is the only football system that is virtually free of any form of risk whatsoever. There is no room for human error and will continue to deliver a large number of profits again and again. The trick to matched betting is actually quite simple: back bets and then lay them off so that you literally cannot lose a bet – regardless of the outcome of the game, you will most certainly win. People usually do this on promotions where a bookmaker promises to match the bet you make with a free bet. By laying off the bet, there is no way to lose. You will be guaranteed a free bet whatever be the outcome of the game. Laying off the free bet can also ensure that you make a profit no matter what. It is possible to make a profit every single month with the help of the matched betting system.

Betfair Trading

There is a way to make money from betting on football (or any other sport) without the help of a bookmaker. You can bet for and against outcomes similar to how you would go on a regular bookmaker by using Betfair Exchange. However, you will get the ability to ‘trade’ odds in real-time – you can buy and sell just odds just as in a stock exchange. You can use trading to make guaranteed profits, whether you are betting pre-match or in-play. This can be quite a complicated process to get your head around, but with a bit of reading and a lot of practice, you can pick up the pace quite easily.